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Mariëlle van Rumpt

Hotel Director
Amsterdam Tropen Hotel

“IFHG is always professional and is always ready for us.”

Amsterdam Tropen Hotel has recommenced its collaboration with IFHG since the beginning of 2018. In 2015 I met Albert Kreeft, who helped us for 6 months to convert a chain hotel to an independent hotel. During this period IFHG has proven to be driven partner with elaborate knowledge of the hospitality industry. Besides setting up the revenue policy, during this period, IFHG has been a very valued link for the complete transformation.

Since the collaboration had been a very positive experience, we have started a new collaboration with IFHG in the beginning of 2018. The IFHG team is engaged in the strategy, positioning and pricing for Amsterdam Tropen Hotel. Besides this, they also advice about starting or extending contracts and support our revenue manager. IFHG is always very professional and is always ready for us. Besides Revenue Management, IFHG is always prepared to brainstorm about specific business cases and is honest in giving advice regarding this. This is why I hope that the collaboration will be long-lasting!

Mariëlle van der Hilst-de Haas

General Manager
Boutique Hotel Corona Den Haag

“Great sparring partners with knowledge of the business!”

Boutique Hotel Corona had been working with IFHG for several years when I took office as Director in April 2017 and met Albert and Nick. After the implementation of the website, IFHG advised Boutique Hotel Corona from the sidelines in the field of Revenue Management. Shortly afterwards we intensified this cooperation, with positive results as a result. The occupancy rate is above expectations, and we also see an upward trend in the average room price.

In addition to being actively involved in the pricing and positioning of the hotel, they advise me in all sorts of areas. Not only in terms of figures, but also, for example, regarding our renovation plans. They negotiate the conditions for cooperation with potential new partners, which relieves me and gives me the opportunity to deal with other matters. Furthermore, they regularly present me with possibilities that I hadn’t thought of yet. In short, they are great sparring partners who understand the business! What I also experience as very pleasant is the personal contact and involvement of IFHG. The lines are short and if necessary, they get into action directly. Our cooperation is very valuable for me, and I hope to continue it for a long time.