About us

We work with a diverse and enthusiastic team of professionals, all sharing a common goal: relieve you and achieve excellent results for your hotel. With our expertise we are able to assist you to increase and optimize your hotels’ performance. The contact with our team is not limited to e-mailing. We are happy to visit you for consultation and go through the results and software together.

Albert Kreeft

Managing Director

Email: Albert@ifhg.nl
Tel: 071-2071950

Armanda Weel-Boom

Revenue Manager

Email: Armanda@ifhg.nl
Tel: 071-2071954

Femke Dijkstra

Junior Revenue Manager

Email: femke@ifhg.nl
Tel: 071-2071957

Jordy Methorst

Revenue Manager

Email: jordy@ifhg.nl
Tel: 071-2071956

Laurens Boom

Junior Revenue Manager

Email: laurens@ifhg.nl
Tel: 071-2071959

Lisanne Draaisma

Revenue Manager

Email: lisanne@ifhg.nl
Tel: 071-2071960

Marina Boot

Revenue Manager

Email: marina@ifhg.nl
Tel: 071-2071955

Melanie van Vliet

Revenue Manager

Email: melanie@ifhg.nl
Tel: 071-2071958

Nick Teunissen

Commercial Director

Email: Nick@ifhg.nl
Tel: 071-2071951

Rémon de Korte

Business Development Manager

Email: Remon@ifhg.nl
Tel: 071-2071953

Roan van Marrewijk

Head of Revenue Department

Email: Roan@ifhg.nl
Tel: 071-2071952

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