Improve RevPAR and save time with our RMS

The world of Revenue Management is changing.
Now is the time to focus on mastery.

Features and benefits

PMS data collection
Rate Shopper
Events Shopper
Market Demand
No data collection stress
streamlined improved workflow
Shorter research time
instantly visualize trends and recommendations
Rates optimisation
based on facts and data
Distribution cost savings
in-depth understanding of commission costs

Saves time and improves RevPAR results

All your data analysed in one place ready for action!
All data trends reviewed to make the best decisions.

The Dashboard

Is intuitive and provides you exactly what you need, such as:

Your hotel’s occupancy overview

Hotel Key Performance Indicators

Rate recommendations

A rate shopper

Dashboard Features

The ability to inspect the evolution of a particular day’s room nights, ADR and booking pace by a single click.

Track the competitor’s rate evolution.

The dashboard shows your guest ratings and google analytics data.

Timeline View

The timeline provides an overview of your On The Books data, pickup and forecast. A recommended rate is calculated by taking, amongst other variables, the variance to same time last year data, competitor set pricing and market occupancy into account, all of which can also be viewed separately.

Timeline Features

The timeline is customizable; hence it can be collapsed to focus on certain KPI’s and display different levels of granularities (e.g. day type, daily, weekly and monthly.)

Both the reco and day inspector can be used to investigate the data more specifically. The reco inspector breaks down why a recommendation has been made. The day inspector provides a clear overview of how a day evolves.

Pickup Report Features

Customize your report according to your preferences, it can also be displayed per market segment, channel or room type.

Analyze the pace and compare it with Last Year data, taking the day of week into account.

Analyze room nights, ADR and revenue.

Market Informer

Rate Shopper

The rate shopper displays all available rates of up to ten competitors and can be scheduled or provided real-time. It provides an overview of the market demand of your hotel’s geographical area.

Event Shopper

The event shopper can be used to obtain an overview of all events within your geographical area that might impact your business.